PeRiOdIcA: is an intimate design studio based in Los Angeles, CA, committed to assisting Furniture Dealers, Interior Designers, Architects, and Decorators by empowering them with unique and innovative furniture pieces, spatial solutions, and 3D visualizations for office, commercial, institutional, cultural, hospitality and residential environments. The studio’s multidisciplinary background in architecture, furniture design, interiors, art, as well as technical knowledge, enables it to establish a fresh, design-oriented vocabulary in every piece and space developed.

PeRiOdIcA:’s name is derivative of the Periodic Table of the Elements. The studio believes that every component in a design deserves focused attention and its own moment to stand out alone. It is the studio’s fundamental philosophy that only through the combination of multiple elements true Intelligent Design may be achieved.

The studio’s most powerful creative muscle resides in its highly collaborative process with clients. It nurtures by harvesting their vision in order to implement its expertise and deliver tailored solutions for everyone’s distinctive demands.

The studio has successfully assisted in the overall creation of hundreds of spaces and iconic furniture pieces for many emerging and leading businesses, including dozens of 500 Fortune Companies, through its work with numerous companies in the United States and Canada.

One of the most sought after assets of the studio is its capability to supply solutions in short turnaround times, which can be later revised through a shared process of “aesthetic surgery”, mutated as many times as needed until the client’s full satisfaction is met.

PeRiOdIcA: understands the needs of the contemporary consumers and design professionals. It is a unique and cost-efficient option to visualize projects and imagined environments before inhabiting them in the real world.

About PeRiOdIcA:'s Founder

Luis Panini holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree in Architecture with concentration in Design. He graduated summa cum laude in 2005 from the University of Kentucky Graduate Program. In addition to his studies in Architecture and Art, he has authored two books of fiction.